YouTube 2018 Policy change leads to huge Demonetization and greater updates

Recently YouTube announced their new 2018 policy, where everyone got shocked after reading their blog. This YouTube policy change update will make a huge impact on small creators. The policy is about Demonetization. Creators, who don’t have 4,000 hours or 240,000 watch minutes in last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers won’t able to monetize their videos. The action was very quick from the community. Several YouTubers commented on the issue.

As per youtube’s blog post, this is to increase their standards and to protect their genuine content creators. YouTube also mentioned that last year there was an increase of 40% channels on youtube. Where 99% of the creators who are affected just earned $100 and 90% of them were below $2.50.

The action will be implemented from last of Jan. The existing creators have 30 days to surpass this threshold. 1000 subscribers is not a matter but the watch time will be a problem.

In the new changes, YouTube has made a lot for its genuine creators. They are:

Expanding YouTube Comunity

Now you can share photos, GIF’s and make POLL and more. But this too has a criteria. The criteria is to have more than 10,000 subscribers.

Image Credits – YouTube Creator Blog

New Youtube Creator Site

A very refreshed design. Creators can use all advantages of the provides resources.

Image Credits – YouTube Creator Blog

Updated YouTube Studio app

It has too many features like

  • Scheduled Posts

  • Subscriber Count Card

  • Actionable Insights

  • Custom Thumbnails

Image Credits – YouTube Creator Blog

Updated earning plans for YouTube Gaming

Now your Fans can sponsor you with a local pricing $4.99

Image Credits – YouTube Creator Blog


Updated YouTube Live

This update makes Youtube Live faster and easier and accessible

  • Real-time interaction

  • Inline moderation

  • Hold potentially inappropriate messages for review

  • Shared hidden user lists

Image Credits – YouTube Creator Blog

Now you can easily stream from iPad and iPhone.

 Image Credits – YouTube Creator Blog


Read the full content from the link given below

Source YouTube Creator Blog

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