What are new in Android O ?

In this tech era, Android has great tech value among people. Every Android fan is waiting for the newest android to come on live. More than 80% of the world uses Android. So it is very predominant to make sure that the newest versions of Android should be feature rich and innovative. In past, till the android lollipop was in the air, there isn’t anything noticeable difference in Android versions. But after the launch of android lollipop, they created new app drawer, that was pretty impressive.

Sadly, not everyone is using the updated Android. According to Apple’s WWDC Android Nougat are just used only by 7% of the Android community. And even now some smartphone manufacturers are still launching phones with Marshmallow. So it is very clear that not even 50% of the Android users are not getting their updates. Android smartphones come in many price ranges and it starts from just $50 to more than $1000. Only some of the Flagship gives regular updates.

Now it’s time for next version of the Android and that’s Android O. Developer preview of Android O is on the air. Now Android O ROM is only available to few google devices like Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL. You can download the rom from their official site.

New features that we have noticed are mentioned below

        1. Battery Saving

No more apps drain your charge in the background. Now Android controls the action of apps in the background so apps won’t do any unnecessary actions that you are not aware of. Battery backup of a phone is necessary for the user. Therefore this feature helps the user a lot

      2. Custom Lockscreen Shortcuts

This feature helps you to add a custom installed shortcuts to your lock screen. This will be shown in the bottom corner. This feature is so handy and we are sure that everyone makes use of it.

     3. Autofill Frame work

Think about the auto fill in chrome. Like that, the information we type such as address, credit card details etc. will be saved and will populate when necessary.The user has the complete control over this.

     4. Adaptive Icons

In google pixel, we saw round home screen icons. Now, this feature is combined in Android O. With this feature users can create a single or unified app icon then Android O crop and align automatically as in the settings.

     5. Hi-Fi Bluetooth Codecs

Now we live in a wireless world. Some of the flagship manufacturers stopped adding the audio jack for smartphones. But The problem is Bluetooth audio quality is poor when compared to a wired connection. This problem is solved by adding new codecs to Android o such as Sony’s LDC.

      6. No More ‘Unknown Sources’ Setting

In order to sideload apps on the previous version of Android, you have enabled unknown source from setting. In Android O You have to trust the app before you install it.

      7. Picture-in-Picture Mode

We have seen this feature in some of the smartphone. Now you can watch videos while doing another task. This will make us free from switching apps from texting while watching.


These are some of the features of Android O. If you have any question regarding this let me know in the comment section below.



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