JIO Updated Their Offers – JIO Now Gives 2GB Per Day

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JIO one of the world’s biggest mobile data network recently updated their data offers. It seems to be a Republic Offer. 1 GB offers have been updated to 1.5 GB and 1.5 GB offers have been updated to 2 GB. The new JIO offers are always exciting. Updation is not just for data, even validity has also changed. The new offers are priced from Rs.149 and Rs.198. All the JIO is surprising their customers. JIO is the reason why other data corporates or network reduced their costly charges. This network is always best to give affordable data plans to its customers. Here we IPEE Officials will give you all the new offers when it is updated, therefore make sure you are subscribed to our Newsletter.

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List Of The New JIO Offers

1 GB 1.5 GB Offers

  • JIO Prepaid Rs.199 offer changed to Rs.149 with 42 GB for 28 days.
  • JIO Prepaid Rs.399 offer changed to Rs.349 with 105 GB for 70 days.
  • JIO Prepaid Rs.459 offer changed to Rs.399 with 126 GB for 84 days.
  • JIO Prepaid Rs.509 offer changed to Rs.449 with 136 GB for 91 days.

1.5 GB 2 GB Offers

  • JIO Prepaid Rs.199 offer now gives 56 GB for 28 days.
  • JIO Prepaid Rs.398 offer now gives 140 GB for 70 days.
  • JIO Prepaid Rs.448 offer now gives 168 GB for 84 days.
  • JIO Prepaid Rs.498 offer now gives 182 GB for 28 days.

2 GB 3 GB Offers

  • JIO Prepaid Rs.299 offer now gives 84 GB for 28 days.

3 GB 4 GB Offer

  • JIO Prepaid Rs.509 offer now gives 112 GB for 28 days.




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