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Hide photos videos.

Today we are living in a world where all things are digital. Many people call this world as Digital World. In this world no digital files are safe. All the digital files are at the risk of the hack. Not only hacks even people seek their eyes on your phone. So it is very necessary to prevent this kind of measures. We all have lots of private information stored on our phone. Therefore protection to those files is necessary.

Usually, we use our phone. But in certain cases, our friends and family members get a chance to use our smartphones. The time they spend on our phone is risky. In time they may see some of your private photos, videos or documents which they are not supposed to see. So you need to find some preventative measures for this.

When it comes to your Home, fortunately, you may hide some data from your parents or siblings. Sometimes our mom or dad checks our smartphone. Or some of your cousins may visit your home and they may use your phone. It’s very risky to expose your data. All these things can happen at any time. Therefore protection for your data is very needy.

Think that you are are an employee of a company and you may deal with many sensitive issues, which you cant disclose to anyone. There are plenty of people who usually sneaks towards every phone. So immediate action should be taken for your data protection.

In every place we need data protection, whether it can be home, college, office, etc. Now the question is how to protect our photos, videos, documents, apps etc? The best method is to Hide your photos, videos, documents, apps etc. Android (till date) itself doesn’t  have any feature to hide contents from the phone. But smartphones like Xiaomi and some other brands have second space feature where you can hide your files.

If your smartphone doesn’t have such feature don’t very, we have a bunch of selected apps for this.

Now let’s see How to do it.

  • Step 1: Download the app from Playstore
  • Step 2: Open the app.
  • Step 3: Create a password
  • Step 4: Once the app has finished it setup Click add or + button
  • Step 5: Select the files to hidden.

That’s it all ready Now no one can see your hidden files.

Now let’s get the best apps for the purpose.

Best Apps To Hide Your Files

1. Keep Photos Secret

Cover art

Keep Photos Secret is an app which secures the data with a four digit pin. You can also add your fingerprint to lock the content. Since the app has a double-layered password security you can set different passwords for your album. This app gives another feature to hide the app from recent apps, so no one will be knowing about this app. No One can get into the app without the password.
Keep Photos Secret- screenshot


2. Fotox

Cover art

Fotox is the next app which is very useful. As the above-mentioned app, it also has passwords to protect your files. The best feature the app is that it can unlock with your face detection. This app shows some fake crash messages when tried to login with a wrong password. It can also create backups of secret files.

Hide Pictures, Photos & Videos,Vault Gallery-FotoX- screenshot



3. Vault-Hide

Cover art

Vault-Hide app is very handy. You can hide all your documents with the help of this app, even call logs can be hidden with this app. This app also uses passwords for hiding content. You can rest your password with the registered e-mail id.

Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup- screenshot


4. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Cover art

Keepsafe Photo Vault is one the best apps that are used to hide your pictures, videos, and any files. The app also gives cloud backup for your secret files. The files are secured with password and fingerprints. You can share the hidden files within the app.

Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos- screenshot


5. Hide it Pro

Cover art

Hide It Pro is one the best and trickest app. The app looks like a music player where you can play music. It will take you to the locker where documents are hidden when you long press the app. There you can enter your password and get into the app. The app also supports fingerprint id and gives cloud private storage.

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro- screenshot



Credits: All the images used in the article is from google play.


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